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Our service cover all business and IT areas​


Complete reengineering projects utilizing our project management tools or supplement your resources with only the best of the best available resources.

Project Management

Project Management support plays a key role in the success of any project.  Knowledgeable project managers ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and mange risks so you can concentrate on making sure your business needs are met.


ARM’s Project Management Office (PMO) keeps in tune with your IT department and business units making sure project objectives are successfully met

Infor/Lawson Technology

Managing and supporting the Infor/Lawson technology stack is the lifeline of your business.  ARM’s highly experienced and knowledgeable resources grew up in this environment. Understanding the Infor/Lawson core technologies and add-on products to provide high quality services from implementing, maintaining and upgrading is our passion.  


Infor/Lawson System Foundation

Infor/Lawson Landmark

Infor/Lawson Business Intelligence

Infor/Lawson Process Flow

Infor Process Automation

MicroFocus Compiler and Runtime

Infor/Lawson Cobol/CASE Tools, Java, HTML, SQL and Scripting

Infor/Lawson Smart Notifications

Infor/Lawson Design Studio

Infor Smart Office

Infor Mashup Designer

Security Upgrades

Application Support

Changes in the application infrastructure can be challenging for organizations when it comes to developing or maintaining software.  Our resources are specialized in the individual products we implement, build, and maintain.   Key programming support though the development life cycle is critical for success.   

Here are just some of our Application Development services:

Product development

Customized development

New application development

Infor/Lawson Functional

Implementing, configuration management, and production support is a portion of what your business resources do.  On a daily basis they also support a number of other business partners and systems.  Utilizing Infor/Lawson vast arena of business tools can make everyone’s job better and more productive. ARM’s highly experienced business resources will help in all areas of implementation and maintenance.    


Infor/Lawson HR/Payroll

Infor/Lawson Employee Manger Self-Service

Infor/Lawson Financials

Infor/Lawson Supply Chain

Infor/Lawson Talent Management

Infor/Lawson Business Intelligence

Infor Smart Office

Infor Ming.le

Infrastructure Support

With so many choices and the diversity of options available in technology today making the right choice in your purchase and support is critical for your business needs.  


Hardware and software services include:

Infrastructure Assessment and Evaluations

Hardware, Software and License Purchasing

Hardware and software installation

Hardware and software support

Hardware and software upgrades

Managed and Remote Services

Infor/Lawson Custom Apps

Are you taking full advantage of your investment by incorporating custom applications and interfaces?  ARM has developed numerous applications that are directly feed by the Infor/Lawson application and return data back to the core Infor/Lawson system. These Applications can be developed on any platform and typically have been web based Windows applications.  If you have other systems that have duplicate data that is already housed in your Infor/Lawson system we use our resources to re-engineer your legacy system or develop a new application.  In many cases we have been able to fully automate manual process. An example of this type of re-engineering and development took place at a client that had a 2 step approval process before an update to the core Infor/Lawson could take place.  The re-engineering effort deployed a simple Web application for users to make the request and gain approvals, once the final approval was made, Infor/Lawson Process Flow processed the transaction  

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